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The location of Critical Art History is in Munich's Lehel district at Ländstraße 1 (between Isartor and Maximilianstraße). It is an excellent place for photo exhibitions.

Furthermore, fifteen paintings by the Welsh painter Harry Holland are exhibited at Ländstraße 1 (for viewing contact via Tel. 0049 89 - 22 54 75 or Gerhard.Straehle@t-online.de).

The southern part of Lehel, with its six galleries between Maximilianstrasse, Altstadtring, Isartor and Praterinsel, is part of the extended Art Area of the City of Munich. The following galleries are located there:

1. art foyer of the Bayerische Versicherungskammer, Maximilianstrasse 53

2. gallery of artists in the museum of ethnology, Maximilianstraße 42

3. gallery Gudrun Spielvogel, Maximilianstraße 45

4. gallery Andreas Binder, Knöbelstraße 27

5. gallery Beacon, Liebherrstraße 8

6. painting gallery Harry Holland and exhibition rooms for photographers, Ländstraße 1  

Since 2001 Kritische Kunstgeschichte has been publishing scientific papers ('Die Marstempelthese', 'Der Naumburger Meister'). The agency has relevant experience in scientific editing as well as in the supervision of bachelor's and master's theses and has been offering a scientific writing service since 2023.


Contact / Impressum:

Dr. Gerhard Straehle, Ländstraße 1, 80538 München, Tel. 089 / 22 54 75, Email: Gerhard.Straehle@t-online.de

Photo Exhibitions

a) the organization of photo exhibitions

b) the scientific text creation

b) der wissenschaftlichen Texterstellung

Critical art history engages in two areas:

Art History


Gerhard.Straehle@t-online.de / Tel. 089 - 225475

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