Rooms for photo exhibitions at Ländstraße 1

The photo gallery at Ländstraße 1 in Munich’s Lehel district
offers photographers two concepts for exhibitions:
a participation concept and a use concept.

a) Participation concept:

In this concept, the exhibitor and the photographer cooperate with each other in a ratio of

- 75% for the photographer

- 25% for the exhibitor

The exhibits are advertised on a website and can be purchased during and after the exhibition at Ländstraße 1.

b) Use concept for artists:

Artists can rent the premises at Ländstraße 1 for 72 Euros per day.

or phone 0049 89-225475


Contact / Impressum:

Dr. Gerhard Straehle, Ländstraße 1, 80538 München, Tel. 0049 89-22 54 75, Email:

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