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a) Supervision of academic papers,

b) Transcriptions of earlier scientific texts,

c) Layout, printing and binding of booklets, pamphlets and books.

a) Supervision of academic papers - Contact: 0049 - 89-225475 -


1) Initial consultation with written assessment of the project - free of charge

2) Exposé of the project - sixty euros

3) Text writing - thirty euros per page

4) Title page, content, indexes, appendices - ten euros per page

5) Proofreading - ten euros per page

6) Revisions - twenty euros per page

7) Rewriting - thirty euros per page


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Price example

A customer has to complete a 40-page bachelor thesis within three months and is still looking for a specific topic after the professor has only given him the outline topic and the basic literature. After the initial consultation, which is free of charge, and consultation with the professor, the customer has found his topic, which he starts to work on himself.

After two months of work, the customer still finds his draft text not quite satisfactory. He therefore wants to revise the 30 pages already written and have the rest of the text rewritten by an academic.

This results in the following costs for the customer when the work is completed, which ultimately contains 40 pages of text and 8 pages of indexes, title page, appendices, etc:

- 30 pages of revision (30 x 20 Euro) = 600 Euro, - 10 pages of text (10 x 30 Euro) = 300 Euro - 8 pages of indexes and appendices (8 x 10 Euro) = 80 Euro, - together 980 Euro.

c) Layout, printing and binding of booklets, pamphlets and books.

b) Transcriptions of earlier scientific texts

For layout, printing and binding of booklets, brochures and books the rule is: ALL SERVICES ARE INCLUDED.

- Prices for layout, printing and binding per 1 page:

TEXT A5 only: 0,15 € - ... TEXT with IMAGES A5: 0,20 € - ... PAGES with IMAGES A5: 0,25 €

TEXT only A4: 0,25 € - ... TEXT with IMAGES A4: 0,30 € - ... PAGES with IMAGES A4: 0,35 €

- Binding techniques:

Notebooks up to 40 pages: Staple binding - ... Brochures up to 200 pages: Perfect binding - ... Books up to 1200 pages: Thread binding

Example of editing:

Georg Dehio: Geschichte der deutschen Kunst. Volume I: The early and high Middle Ages until the end of the Staufer. 4th ed. Berlin and Leipzig 1930.


Transcription of a DIN A4 page Latin script 5 Euro

Transcription of a DIN A4 page Fraktur script 10 Euro

Kontakt / Impressum:
Dr. Gerhard Straehle, Ländstraße 1, 80538 München, Tel. 089 / 22 54 75, Email:

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